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Go to and register as a member with our parent affiliate The National Forum on Judicial Accountability.  Once a member, then go to the Montana Subgroup and join as well.  


Convictions of yesterday should, and must, hold integrity tomorrow.  And if they don't, our system should act and not remain silent.  For a prosecutors office to impede (and yes even ignore) the process of an exoneration and try to block an innocent persons freedom and exoneration only proves a systemic system of a larger, scarier and serious issue in our criminal justice system in which the act of silence or defiance by those in "power" continue to perpetuate the "mistakes" of the past.

The Montana State Council on Judicial Accountability is dedicated to identifying and rectifying judicial misconduct and other serious miscarriages of justice.  We are raising public awareness about the prevalence, causes, and social/monetary costs of false convictions.

A Post in Wrongful Conviction Today, Nov. 28!

"I didn't realize how messed up a lot of the nations justice system was until fairly recently.  I'm appalled at the miscarriages of justice often happening and little spoken about.  We should all do our hardest to address this.  It's something I just can't ignore."  

Angela K.